Bond, James Bond

Some hours ago I was in the cinema. Arman. I like its small seats, because as you can understand I was n’t along. I was with him. and seat were so small, his shoulders touched mine….

oohhh… what am I talking about? He asked me to go with him to the cinema. To be honest I was so busy but I said «YES». Movie about James Bond. Ohh, I really liked Mister Craig but to be honest I did not understand the film at all!!!! It’s terrible! May be I’m getting stupid? Or maybe movie was so confused. I don’t know, but I’m extremely frastrated about «Quantum of Solace».

It’s terrible because I simply do not know what to say about this movie.  =((((982601


комментариев 5 to “Bond, James Bond”

  1. Great movei! I really liked it!

  2. Try to watch it again, i’m sure you will understand. I didn’t understand it at first time, but at second time it was not sa bad)

  3. Many ppl say that movie is not so good as they expect =0 but I wanna watch it anyway)))) xa-xa… 2day is student day in Arman)))))))

  4. Sabira! I will wait for your expirience about this movie. I hope that you will understand it and explain me! =)))))

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