New movie of russian director Karen Oganesyan «Brownie» is not a «fantasy», if someone think so because of the movie’s name, but very lively and deep thriller. The cast, wich is one of the most important factors after the scenario, is notable: Konstantin Khabensky, Vladimir Mashkov, Chulpan Khamatova. It is the most successful trio for today, I think. The movie itself is very interesting because of rather complicated subject: during the movie you’re always think about the denouement of the movie. It is a kind of «brainstorming»,I think. The subject of the «Brownie» movie is: the writer, whose name is Anton Prachenko, have a crative crisis. The meeting with the killer with strange nickname Brownie changes Anton’s life. The killer and his business become an inspirer for the writer. As the consequence, Anton becomes a victim of the killer.


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  1. Mother's Luv 4-ever Says:

    Xm.. sounds good=) I think it is neccesary to watch this movie. Cause Russian movie made a great progress.

  2. I luv Konstantin Khabensky!!!!!!!!!!!! I will certainlly go to this movie ^____^ Thay are so sweety!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I have never seen this film, unfortunately. But the movie’s name seemed to be interesting!

  4. […] 25, 2008 There’s a review of the film Brownie at urtime. Posted by Frederick Filed in […]

  5. Killer teached the writer many things, I don’t mean — how 2 kill ppl, I mean he opened his eyes! Anton recognised that he lived just 4 himself, he even refused of his son. in the end of the movie he got everything what he wanted, but the main thing he started to appreciate his family! that’s why I advise to watch dis movie, I think, it is really useful and discover many things.

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